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Selecting the Best Screen Size for Your Video Brochure

In today’s digital landscape, grabbing attention can be challenging with traditional marketing methods. Video brochures offer a unique blend of print and digital media to captivate audiences effectively. However, choosing the right screen size is crucial for maximizing impact. Here’s how to determine the ideal screen size for your video brochure.

Factors to Consider

Several key factors should guide your decision on the appropriate screen size for your video brochure:

Scale of Distribution

Firstly, assess the scope of your campaign. Are you sending thousands of video brochures or targeting a select group of key clients? Larger campaigns might require smaller screens to stay within budget, whereas smaller, high-impact campaigns can afford larger screens.

Product Type

Secondly, consider the nature of your product. Is it a high-end luxury item or a practical everyday product? The screen size should reflect your product’s value. For instance, high-end products may benefit from larger screens to enhance perceived value.

Audience Demographics

Next, think about your target audience. Are you aiming at corporate executives or younger, tech-savvy individuals? Different demographics have different preferences, so choose a screen size that appeals to your specific audience. Executives might appreciate detailed presentations on larger screens, while younger audiences might prefer quick, engaging videos on smaller screens.

Delivery Method

Also, consider how the brochures will be distributed. If they are being mailed, smaller screens might be more practical to ensure durability. For hand-delivered items at events or meetings, larger screens can create a more impressive impact.

Video Length

Moreover, the length and content of your video are crucial. Short videos can be effectively displayed on smaller screens. However, for longer, more detailed content, larger screens provide a better viewing experience.

Screen Size Options

Let’s explore common screen sizes and their best applications:

2.4″ , 3″ , 4″ &  4.3″ Inches

Small screens are affordable and portable, making them ideal for large-scale mail-out campaigns or simple messages.

5″ & 7″  Inches

Medium screens strike a balance between cost and impact, suitable for most marketing needs and providing a good viewing experience without being too bulky.

10 Inches and Above

Large screens are perfect for high-end presentations and detailed demonstrations, creating a powerful impression and accommodating more complex content.

Selecting the right screen size for your video brochure involves understanding your campaign scale, product type, audience demographics, delivery method, and video content. By considering these factors and conducting practical tests, you can choose a screen size that enhances the effectiveness of your video brochure, ensuring a successful and impactful marketing tool.

Exploring Popular Screen Sizes for Different Video Marketing Campaigns

Small Screens for Wide-Reach Campaigns

Screen Sizes: 2.4″, 3″ , 4″, 4.3″ &  5″ 

Mass Distribution Marvel: Imagine thousands of these compact video mailers spreading your message far and wide. Their cost-effectiveness makes them perfect for broad B2C campaigns, such as those run by educational institutions, healthcare providers, and tech companies.

Postal System Pro: Lightweight and budget-friendly, these small video mailers navigate the postal system with ease. Their size ensures reasonable postage costs and minimal concerns about regulatory issues.

Design and Message Focus: Despite their smaller screens, you can create engaging videos with clear, concise messages. Use vibrant visuals and motion graphics to make your message stand out.

Medium Screens for Targeted Outreach. Most Popular World Wide.

Screen Sizes: 4″ , 4.3″, 5″ – 7″ 

Precision Marketing: Imagine handing these medium-sized video brochures to potential clients at events. They are ideal for smaller, high-impact campaigns, making them perfect for conferences, trade shows, or investor meetings.

Versatile Durability: Choose between softcover for lightweight mailing or hardcover for a premium feel. Consider the event and your brand image. Where a sleek hardcover is ideal for high-end investor meetings, while softcover suits trade shows and comes with a lower cost per unit delivery with still a high WOW factor.

Industry Versatility: These screens strike a balance between affordability and visual clarity, making them suitable for various industries, including real estate, healthcare, and government.

Large Screens for Premium Presentations & Campaigns 

Screen Size: 10″ 

High-End Luxury: Reserved for showcasing high-ROI products like luxury homes, yachts, and high-end tech, these video presentation boxes exude sophistication with their hardcover exteriors.

Professional Quality: Expect professionally produced videos with stunning visuals, often matching professional level production standards. These brochures make a powerful impact.

B2B Excellence: Primarily used by B2B companies targeting well-qualified leads, these video brochures are perfect for high-value products. They are rarely used in B2C, except for products with substantial price tags.

Secure Shipping: Due to their size and value, use reinforced packaging like presentation boxes or additional protection. Consider FedEx or UPS delivery with the necessary battery safety labels.

The Unmatched Power of Video Brochures

Any video presentation box you choose will effectively capture your audience’s attention. If your video is compelling, you can introduce your product in a way that no other marketing platform can match. At Video Plus Print, we find that 37% of our clients return due to the success of their video in print campaigns.

We are eager to discuss your marketing needs and share our experiences from past projects. Your success is our success. Consider us a part of your team, leveraging our expertise and resources to ensure your campaign’s success. Contact us today to start your project and explore the endless possibilities of video presentation boxes.