Innovation, creativity, customization, quality, and service – this is our mantra to surpass the competition and achieve success. With the emergence of AGI, the market is experiencing a surge of exceptional applications that optimize marketing. In response, we consistently create new concepts to continually offer fresh and inventive ways to communicate your message to your community. Explore Video Plus Print’s extensive range of targeted video marketing products, accessible at We specialize in delivering prompt, tailored, and turnkey solutions, enabling you to bring any concept you envision into reality. Let Video Plus Print help you Power your Brand!
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Guiding Principles

We strongly prioritize our responsibility for safeguarding our client’s reputation.

We unwaveringly commit to providing top-tier products through prompt service, a dedicated staff, and up-to-date information.

We relentlessly strive to discover new and superior approaches by fostering partnerships between our clients and Video Plus Print.

We wholeheartedly embrace our commitment to serving the diverse spectrum of your esteemed customers.

We actively maximize our resources, eliminate waste, and remain fully accountable for our actions.

About Us

Video Plus Print embarked on its journey in 2009, commencing from a humble home office. Its inaugural accomplishment involved the successful production of Video in Print Cards for Volkswagen Germany. Since then, the company has achieved remarkable growth, expanding its operations globally. Today, Video Plus Print stands as the sole direct manufacturer with a widespread presence, including a factory base in China, a head office in Hong Kong, and sales offices in the USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Video Plus Print is currently the only direct manufacturer that has a global presence, and its products have become popular all over the world. With an annual growth increase of 50% to 100% since its inception, Video Plus Print today is an advanced digital manufacturing multi national company that fuses multisensory technologies into print for the marketing and packaging industry. We are always improving our services by investing heavily in R&D, constantly innovating and coming up with new products.

Our number one goal is to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for you so that you can focus on what you do best – customer satisfaction. At Video Plus Print, we’re not just committed to business. As a video content marketing agency, we recognize our responsibility to our clients, to our employees, owners and suppliers. This commitment to inspiring people is how we do business everyday.


Be the world leader in multisensory experiences.


To be the global one-stop shop for multisensory products incorporating digital media with print that are leading edge, engaging and reactive towards improving lives, forging partnerships and creating memorable brand experiences.

Video Brochure Capabilities

Brand experience matters; that’s something we’ve understood from day one. So our capabilities and processes which have always been deeply rooted in Care and Perfection ensures that your clients experience a memorable brand experience.


Bring Print to Life with our multisensory options that include Touch, Vibration, Audio/Video and Electro Lumination


With Wi-Fi, the possibilities are endless and wireless data transfer and analysis can be integrated for a rewarding experience

Mobile Technology

Incorporating 2G/3G technologies adds a high-tech dimension of mobility and applications can be limitless

Best customization

Bring Print to Life with our multisensory options that include Touch, Vibration, Audio/Video and Electro Lumination

Bring Print to Life!

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