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Video Plus Print® Video Packaging that integrate various multi-sensory experiences are a great way to thank your customers and to make your products stand out in a very personalized way. Is it a luxury gift box with an integrated video message, or a luxury video message with a supporting gift? Either way, our gift presentation boxes are a double celebration for the recipient! Integrate our video marketing blockbusters in any promotional campaign and see the competition lagging far behind with our video boxes.

Video Packaging are designed to maximize your return on investment by combining high-quality packaging with engaging video content. These boxes captivate and inform your audience, making a memorable impact that drives higher engagement and conversion rates. Perfect for product launches, corporate gifts, and promotional campaigns, Video Packaging ensure your brand stands out and delivers your message effectively, ultimately leading to increased sales and a stronger ROI.

Robert Hall

5 inch LCD


TT Electronics

7 inch LCD

Media/ VBX70-FL-XL-422710

Las Vegas Stadium

10.1 inch LCD

Sports/ VBX1X-FL-XL-422710


2.4 inch LCD

Automobiles / VBX24-B7-L-110706


4.3 inch LCD

Technology / VBX43-A4-M-291905


10 inch LCD

Industry/ VBX100-AT-M-302304


7 inch LCD

Media/ VBX70-CT-262606

The Art Club

7 inch LCD

Arts/ VBX70-FL-S-342503


7 inch LCD

Transport/ VBX70-A4-M-291905

Morphe Beauty

7 inch LCD

Cosmetics/ VBX70-FL-M-402304

ADP Canada

7 inch LCD

Telecom / VBX70-LG-L-261809

Jaclyn Hill

7 inch LCD

Cosmetics / VBX70-AT-M-322205

Financial Times

7 inch LCD

Media / VBX70-FL-S-393304


7 inch LCD

Gems / VBX70-LG-L-251708

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Video Packaging with Rackspace

At Video Plus Print, we had the honor of partnering with RackSpace to enhance their marketing strategy with our innovative Video Packaging. RackSpace leveraged these boxes to introduce their latest cloud solutions in a compelling and interactive format. Our Video Presentation Boxes, which combine premium packaging with engaging video content, provided RackSpace with a powerful tool to captivate their target audience. The response from their clients was extremely positive, with many praising the unique presentation and clarity of information. This collaboration not only helped RackSpace stand out in a competitive market but also demonstrated the effectiveness of our products in driving client engagement and delivering a strong return on investment. We are thrilled to have played a part in RackSpace’s successful marketing campaign and look forward to supporting their future endeavors

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