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Video Mailers are an innovative marketing tool that can significantly benefit any business. By combining the traditional mailer with dynamic video content, Video Mailers capture and retain the audience’s attention more effectively than standard print materials. This unique blend of print and video ensures that your message stands out and resonates with recipients. Video Mailers are ideal for various marketing purposes, such as product launches, promotional campaigns, and customer engagement initiatives.

One of the key advantages of Video Mailers is their ability to convey complex messages simply and engagingly. Businesses can use video content to explain product features, demonstrate usage, or share customer testimonials, making the information more accessible and memorable. This multimedia approach can lead to higher engagement rates and better recall, ultimately driving more conversions and sales.


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7 inch LCD

Real Estate / VB-70-A5-LN-DSOS-NF


4.3 inch LCD

Pharma / VB43C5-PN-GS


5 inch LCD

Petroleum / VB50A5-LN-LS


4.3 inch LCD

Realty / VB43A5-PN-LS

Wilkinson Video Mailer

10.1 inch LCD

Finance / VB1XCT-LC-LH


4.3 inch LCD

Engineering / VB43B6-LN-LS

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Marks & Spencer

4.3 inch LCD

Retail / VB43A5-LN-LS

7 inch LCD

Irving Texas

Government / VB70A5-LN-LS

7 inch LCD


Broadcast / VB70OB-LN-LS

4.3 inch LCD


Beauty / VB43B6-LN-LS

4.3 inch LCD

Volvo Video Mailer

Automotive / VB43A5-LN-TS

4.3 inch LCD


Supply Chain / VB43A5-LN-LS

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Video Mailer Options

At Video Plus Print, we offer Video Mailers in different sizes to cater to diverse business needs. Our brochures come with various LCD screen sizes, ranging from small, portable screens to larger, more immersive displays. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the most suitable format for their specific campaign objectives and target audience. Whether you need a compact, pocket-sized mailer or a larger, more impactful brochure, we have the right solution for you.

The different screen sizes in our Video Mailers enable businesses to tailor their content to the intended message. Smaller screens are perfect for quick, attention-grabbing teasers, while larger screens can deliver more detailed, in-depth presentations. This versatility ensures that your video content is presented in the most effective way possible, maximizing its impact on the viewer.

Video Mailers also offer a high level of customization, allowing businesses to align the design and content with their brand identity. This personalized touch can enhance the overall customer experience, making recipients feel valued and appreciated. By using Video Mailers, businesses can create a memorable and engaging touchpoint that stands out in a crowded marketing landscape.

In conclusion, Video Mailers are a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses of all sizes and industries. Their ability to combine print and video content in a single, engaging package makes them an effective solution for capturing attention and delivering memorable messages. With various sizes and LCD screen options available, Video Plus Print ensures that you find the perfect Video Mailer to meet your marketing needs.

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