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How do automobiles companies make it to your shortlist?
New car buyers today make just 2 to 3 visits to car dealerships that they have shortlisted in the search for the perfect vehicle compared to 5 visits just 5 years ago. These buyers shortlists are created after spending more time at home surfing web sites and social media platforms. These car dealership video marketing products make the difference in decisions. The information that helps them most to shortlist the final choices are:

-Car Brand: Model, Feature Fuel Consumption specific videos
-Dealership: Offers, Promos, Profiles & Service Videos
-Testimonials: Authentic Customer Reviews
-Performance: Test Drive, Race/Rally Endurance Videos
-Online: Social Media, Blogs, Forums and Fan pages
-Downloads: PDF and Product brochures for Comparisons
-Advertising: Latest TV and Print Promotions

Check out some strategies to adopt for targeted video marketing success in the automotive industry …..

First Impressions
Small and gets the point across – Video Business Cards: Ideal for agency profile presentations to corporate clients
Video Greeting Cards: Special occasion greetings and special offers
Use Direct mail – Video Mailers: Mail target customers video campaigns and promotions

Brand Building
Use case – Video Brochures: Launch of new models to fleet owners and niche customers
Video Boxes: Special presentation packs with auto models, memorabilia, gifts
Video Magazines Inserts: Take advantage of popular magazines to insert video advertisements
360 Video Brochures: Show off you new models with Interior 360 views or take on an adventure drive.

Sales & Lead Generation
Top Quality – Video Books: Launch fleet models or premium models with multipage spec-sheets
Add Brochures into a Video Folders: ideal for launch of premium models that includes print brochures and spec-sheets
Video POS: Ideal for sales desk with promotional videos of auto features

Customer Loyalty and Retention
Get Attention with Video Boxes: Corporate gifts, awards, certificates for loyalty promotions
Video Greeting Cards: Annual agency and partner meetings and meetings

Video Marketing Tips:

A great marketing campaign strategy would identify target automobile customers who are most likely to buy your product or influence others to do so. Getting your marketing mix right is vital. Traditional advertising and online social media campaigns can only do so much and depend largely on customers search. Our automotive video marketing product range focuses on targeting customers, potential customer and influencers with a personalised and direct mail video marketing approach. This methodology ensures quality leads, more sales, higher retention and return on investments.

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