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Why video helps understand opportunities and risks better?
The global market for consultancy and finance grows exponentially year on year. The world of new opportunities presents organisations and entrepreneurs with new challenges every minute of the day. Billions are spent each year on new technology, infrastructure, facilities and services. This niche segment employs some of the most educated and creative minds in the world. Video stimulates and impacts these progressive minds by presenting opportunities, facts and figures in a decisive manner.

-Profiler : Videos that cover company expertise, staff and success stories
-Technologies: Video presentations that cover opportunities for disruptive technologies
-Explainer Videos that break down complicated topics into easy to understand series
-Branding: Videos that build on brand awareness and quality of services
-SWOT Videos: Video pros and cons related to specific industries or services
-Strategy: Videos related to implementing strategy, their feasibility and rewards
-Project Proposals: Clearly outline implementation of project phases and developments
-Financial: Cover the important financial implications of projects

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First Impressions
Video Business Cards: Profile video presentations covering expertise and consultants
Video Greeting Cards: Build trust with your top clients on their special occasions
Video Mailers: Send explainer videos, new opportunities and product demo videos

Brand Building
Video Brochures: Launch of new projects and the various phases covered in them
Video Boxes: Spearhead new marketing campaigns with video, gifts and literature in a box pack
Video Magazines Inserts: Promote your specialisation in niche fields of consultancy and financial firm marketing services
360 Video Brochures: Keep your clients interested with 360 video presentation of project sites

Sales & Lead Generation
Video Holoprint: Highlight new concepts, products and services with holographic videos
Video Books: Cover various important development phases and cycles in individual pages with videos
Video Folders: Create heavy weight presentations of complex concepts with videos and literature packs
Wi-Fi Video Brochures: Engage clients with refreshing Live updates of ongoing projects

Customer Loyalty and Retention
Video Boxes: The best solution to creating all-in-one presentations for maximum impact
Video Greeting Cards: Keep in touch with your best customers with video greetings and invitation
Video POS: Point of Sale kiosks that playback company profiles and success stories.

Video Marketing Tips:
The consultancy and financial market players need video to stay on top of their clients mind. Most new niche ventures, product developments and projects undertaken need regular updates on milestones achieved. Staying in touch with clients through video presentation ensures they are informed at every stage. Create videos that cover key aspects of strategy, framework, commencement, implementation, financials and commissioning. The stress should always be on keeping your video engaging, simple and to the point.

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