Video Mailers

Video Mailers

Quick Overview:

Video Mailers are sent via direct mail to customers, getting you in the best position to make your greatest marketing pitch. On opening the mailer box, you are assured the of best personal engagement and attention to you message.  A Video Mailer bring your audiences closer to your business and helps build a great personal connection to your company, leading to heightened trust, loyalty, better leads and more sales. We have a large selection of Video Mailers that are ideal campaign tools for all industry segments. It’s the right time to plan your own video mailer campaign.

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Elevate Your Brand with A Video Mailer

We Know A Video Mailer In the Real World Works:

In the competitive landscape of modern marketing, a Video Mailer offer an innovative way to capture your audience’s attention and deliver your message effectively. These customized mailers, embedded with an LCD screen, play your video content when opened, merging the tactile experience of direct mail with the engaging power of video. This unique combination ensures that your message not only stands out but also leaves a lasting impression, making a Video Mailer a powerful tool for brand promotion.

Video Mailers enhance brand engagement by captivating recipients with dynamic, personalized content tailored to their interests. Whether used for product launches, event invitations, or client appreciation, these mailers create memorable experiences that significantly boost brand recall. By integrating video content into a tangible printable format, Video Mailers deliver a high-impact marketing strategy that differentiates your brand and fosters deeper connections with your audience and has a massive ROI.  Engage your customers with a 8x-10x shareable video experience. 

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