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The power behind Video Business Cards

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Get the message out about your business with the mini powerhouse of Video Marketing with our innovative Video Business Cards. These nifty engaging business cards integrate a 2.4 inch screen with built-in speakers that come to life playing your video messages the moment the business card is opened. Video Plus Print’s video in print products incorporating a video and audio message will help you stand above your competitors, capture leads to increase conversions and improve your Return on Investments. Make that great first impression count with our Video In Print products. Call Now!


2.4 inch LCD

Beverages / VBC24BC-L-LH

Shell - Double Slide Out

2.4 inch LCD


Petroleum / VBC24BC-L-DSO

Resilient (IBM)

2.4 inch LCD

Software / VBC24BC-L-SSO

Hilton Slide Out


2.4 inch LCD

Hospitality / VBC24BC-L-SSO


2.4 inch LCD

Pharmacy / VBC24BC-L-LS


2.4 inch LCD

Media / VBC24BC-L-LS


2.4 inch LCD

Banking / VBC24BC-L-TS

Adrian Rowles

2.4 inch LCD

Finance / VBC24BC-L-LS


2.4 inch LCD

Consultancy / VBC24BC-L-LS

Video Name Tags


2.4 inch LCD

Campaigns / VBC24A7-L-LND

A&M University

2.4 inch LCD

Education / VBC24BC-L-LS

Friedman & Feiger

2.4 inch LCD

Legal Counsel / VBC24BC-L-LS


2.4 inch LCD

Energy / VBC24BC-L-TS


2.4 inch LCD

Education / VBC24BC-L-LH


2.4 inch LCD

Local Government / VBC24BC-L-LS


2.4 inch LCD

Construction / VBC24BC-L-LS

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Briggs Freeman Sotheby's Video Business Cards

Video Business cards are a unique and innovative way to make a lasting impression in today’s digital landscape.

By incorporating a small video screen into a traditional business card, you can showcase your personality, skills, and brand in a dynamic and engaging manner.

This interactive format allows you to share a personalized message, showcase your work, or even provide a brief introduction to potential clients or employers.

Video Business cards can help you stand out from the crowd, leaving a memorable impact and setting you apart from the competition.

This versatile tool can be a powerful asset in networking, job searching, or promoting your services, making it a valuable investment for any professional.

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