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What is Video Point of Sale?

Imagine a Video Point of Sale (POS) unit that is low-cost, uniquely portable, interactive, wireless and free of a mains connection. Video Plus Print’s® Point of Sale video displays are designed to enhance your customers’ in-store experience and get your brand noticed. Options include simple video shelf talkers, counter top digital displays and full length standees. Browse our POS video collection and get your product advertisement noticed with these window and in-store video sales aid displays.

Video Point of Sale (Video POS) is an innovative tool that can significantly enhance any business’s in-store marketing strategy. Video POS displays integrate high-quality video content directly into the point of sale area, capturing customer attention effectively. This dynamic medium can showcase promotional content, product demonstrations, and brand messaging in a highly engaging format.

One of the key benefits of Video POS is its ability to increase customer engagement. Traditional static displays often go unnoticed, but a video display draws customers’ eyes and piques their interest. This increased engagement can lead to higher product awareness and potentially drive more sales.


7.0 inch LCD

Paints / VPS70-OBL


7.0 inch LCD

Games / VPS70-FLL


4.3 inch LCD

Foodstuff / VPS43-SLF


5.0 inch LCD

Retail / VPS50-Rack

Flat Tech

7.0 inch LCD

Technology/ VPS70-OBL

Canadian Tire

7.0 inch LCD

Retail / VPS70-A5

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Video Point of Sale

Video Point of Sale also offers businesses the opportunity to educate customers directly at the point of purchase. Through video content, companies can explain product features, demonstrate usage, and highlight benefits, all of which can influence purchasing decisions. This educational approach can be particularly effective for complex or new products.

Moreover, Video POS can enhance the overall shopping experience. A well-placed video display can entertain and inform customers while they wait in line, reducing perceived wait times and improving customer satisfaction. This enhanced experience can lead to increased loyalty and repeat visits.

Another advantage of Video Point of Sale is its flexibility. Video content can be easily updated to reflect current promotions, seasonal offers, or new product launches. This adaptability ensures that the messaging remains relevant and timely, maximizing the impact of the marketing efforts.

Video POS displays also provide a unique way to reinforce branding. Consistent video content aligned with the brand’s image and values can strengthen brand recognition and recall. This reinforcement can be crucial in building a strong, recognizable brand presence in a competitive market.

Furthermore, Video In Print Products can integrate seamlessly with other digital marketing efforts. Businesses can use the same video content across multiple channels, creating a cohesive and unified marketing campaign. This integration can amplify the reach and effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

In conclusion, Video Point of Sale (Video POS) is a powerful tool for any business looking to enhance its in-store marketing efforts. By capturing customer attention, educating at the point of purchase, and enhancing the shopping experience, Video POS can drive higher engagement and sales. Its flexibility, branding reinforcement, and seamless integration with other marketing efforts make it an invaluable addition to any marketing strategy.

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