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In today’s fast-paced digital world, standing out and effectively communicating with customers is more important than ever. Video in print technology is revolutionizing the way we connect with audiences, offering a unique blend of tactile and visual engagement. Here’s how video in print can change your customer communication strategy:

Video In Print changes the way we communicate with our customers. It is truly that simple, video works.

Versatile Design: Our innovative packaging, from flip-open lids to slide-outs, ensures impactful video presentations with optimal LCD placements.

Multi-Event Utility: Video in print is perfect for meetings, conferences, and festive occasions, housing gifts, product samples, or brochures.

Enhanced Brand Recall: A dynamic video message keeps your brand top-of-mind for recipients, ensuring lasting impressions.

Tailored for Every Occasion: Our customizable video in print packaging complements every event, from product launches to festive giveaways.

Stand Out in the Crowd:  Amid standard gifts, video in print offers a unique tactile and visual experience, making your brand memorable.

Introducing the Video Folder

Our Video Folder is more than just a marketing tool—it’s a dynamic blend of print and video that offers an unparalleled platform for conveying your brand’s message. With an integrated LCD screen and a pocket for additional literature, the Video Folder ensures your pitch is both seen and heard, captivating your audience from the moment they open it.

Why Choose a Video Folder for Your Campaign?

1. Seamlessly combine your video pitch with supplementary printed materials, reaching global prospects without the need for travel.
2. Navigate past gatekeepers directly to decision-makers.
3. Command undivided attention, with a format that encourages sharing among colleagues, amplifying your campaign’s ROI.
4. In a competitive landscape, the brand with the most compelling story wins. The Video Folder is your ultimate storytelling asset.
5. Tailor your message with built-in control buttons, making the Video Folder a versatile tool for any narrative.

Video Folders - Castrol-01
Video Folder - Castrol-02

Transform Gifting with Video-Integrated Packaging

At Video Plus Print®, we believe in redefining the art of gifting. Our Video Packaging solutions seamlessly blend the tactile joy of a traditional gift with the dynamic appeal of a video message, creating a multi-sensory brand experience that’s truly unparalleled.

Why is Video-Integrated Packaging the Future of Corporate Gifting?

1. Versatile Design: Our packaging solutions, from flip-open lids to slide-outs, ensure optimal LCD placements for impactful video presentations.
2. Multi-Event Utility: Perfect for meetings, conferences, or festive occasions, housing gifts, product samples, or brochures.
3. Enhanced Brand Recall: A dynamic video message ensures your brand remains top-of-mind for recipients.
4. Tailored for Every Occasion: Be it a product launch or a festive giveaway, our packaging complements every event.
5. Stand Out in the Crowd: In a sea of standard gifts, offer a unique tactile and visual experience.

Video Packaging - Video In Print Products
Video In Print Products
Video Books - Fortress
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Experience the Video Book

Our Video Book is the epitome of blending print and video. With multiple pages and an embedded LCD screen, it offers a dynamic platform for brands with diverse narratives. Whether you’re presenting an annual report or showcasing multiple products, the Video Book ensures your message resonates with every page turn.

Why is a Video Book the Ultimate Marketing Tool?

1. It’s the pinnacle of storytelling devices, offering an interactive and immersive experience.
2. Engage and captivate your audience, ensuring your brand remains the topic of discussion.
3. Deliver a personalized message that resonates, bypassing gatekeepers and reaching decision-makers directly.

Unveiling the Video Business Card

While traditional business cards offer a glimpse of your brand, our Video Plus Print premium Video Business Card brings your brand’s story to life. With a 2.4-inch screen and built-in speakers, it doesn’t just share your contact details—it makes an unforgettable first impression.

How Can a Video Business Card Transform Your Business?

1. Be the highlight of any business event or meeting.
2. Achieve unparalleled brand recall, ensuring you’re remembered long after the conversation ends.
3. Elevate your pitch, delivering a comprehensive message even in your absence.
4. Maximize conversions and ROI, ensuring every interaction counts.

Video Business Card, Video Business Cards, TheVideoCards, Video Brochures, Video Brochure, Video In Print, video brochure pricing.
Video Business Card, Video Business Cards, TheVideoCards, Video Brochures, Video Brochure, Video In Print, video brochure pricing.
Video Business Card, Video Business Cards, TheVideoCards, Video Brochures, Video Brochure, Video In Print, video brochure pricing.
Video POS - Ravensburger-POS-RT

Video Point of Sale

Video Plus Print® introduces the next evolution in retail marketing: Video Point of Sale (POS) displays. By merging the physical retail environment with dynamic video content, we’re setting a new standard for in-store engagement and interactivity.

Why is Video POS the Game-Changer in Retail Marketing?

1. Dynamic Engagement: Capture customer attention instantly with vibrant video content right at the point of purchase.
2. Boost Sales: Influence purchasing decisions in real-time, promoting products or offers effectively.
3. Real-time Analytics: Integrate sensors to gather data on customer engagement, optimizing future campaigns.
4. Flexible Content: Update video content based on promotions, seasons, or trends, keeping the retail experience fresh.
5. Enhance Brand Presence: Stand out on crowded retail shelves, ensuring your brand is the focal point.
6. ROI Amplified: With increased engagement and sales, witness a tangible return on your marketing investment.

Paper thin Video inserts for Magazines

Video Plus Print® presents the fusion of traditional print media with cutting-edge video technology: Ultra-slim Video Magazine Inserts. Experience the tactile allure of print combined with the dynamic engagement of video, redefining the magazine reading experience.

What Makes Video Magazine Inserts a Breakthrough in Print Media?

1. Seamless Integration: Ultra-thin design ensures a natural feel within magazine pages, offering readers a delightful surprise.
2. Enhanced Engagement: Transform passive reading into an interactive experience, increasing brand recall and engagement.
3. Versatility: Ideal for product launches, exclusive interviews, and interactive advertisements.
4. Broad Audience Reach: Tap into the vast readership of magazines, reaching diverse demographics.
5. Cost-Effective: A unique marketing tool that offers high ROI, making every page count.
6. Stand Out: Differentiate your brand in a cluttered advertising space, ensuring you capture and retain reader attention.

Video Magazine - Video In Print Products
Light & Sound Cards Roulette

Multisensory Innovations by VPP

Video Plus Print® takes sensory marketing to the next level with our Multisensory products. Engage multiple senses and create a memorable brand experience like never before.

How Do Our Multisensory Features Elevate Your Brand?

1. Spin Effects: Add a dynamic twist to your marketing materials, capturing attention instantly.
2. Vibration: Create a tactile sensation that resonates with the user, enhancing engagement.
3. Electro Lamination: Illuminate your brand message, making it shine in any setting.
4. Audio Effects: Incorporate immersive soundscapes, adding depth to your narrative.
5. Diverse Applications: From promotional campaigns to product launches, multisensory features fit seamlessly.
6. Stand Out: In a saturated market, multisensory innovations ensure your brand remains unforgettable.

Video Mailer - Video In Print

What is a Video Mailer?

A Video Mailer is an empowering tool for marketing professionals. Innovative and cost-effective, Video Mailers deliver unrivalled cut-through in promoting product or service sales and listings using multi-sensory messaging. Video Plus Print’s Video Mailer is a state-of-the-art marketing and communications tool that has the power to streamline all your marketing material into one engaging message. It uses uniquely tailored video to directly reach your audience, branded with your business’ logo and message. Your service offering comes to life through engaging and fully customized video footage presented on a custom-sized LCD screen.

What are the benefits of a Video Mailer campaign?

1. Video Mailers are extremely powerful when you personalize your marketing initiative to a targeted audience.
2. 70% of users would rather watch a video than look at a static picture or read a paragraph of writing
3. Showcasing your products or service along with testimonials using Video Mailers are much easier for a customer to understand. Prospects can connect with your message faster than any other physical digital marketing tool in the industry
4. With travel challenges, travel costs rising and work from home becoming more popular your salespeople no longer need to travel long distances to deliver a personalized pitch
5. Video Mailers can help you bypass gate keepers and is able to help you deliver a personalized message directly to decision makers

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