Our Quality

Why Video Plus Print?

We have the best in the industry working with Video Plus Print, from print & packaging professionals to electronic experts. We have produced massive amounts of video marketing products for leading fortune 500 companies since 2009. Each step of the build is a tailor made strategy depending on the industry, the end client, the location and the creative adaptations to latest marketing trends. It’s just brilliant, exciting and keeps us engaged at all levels of the process. We certainly possess the skills and experience to turbo charge any kind of marketing or promotions you can throw at us! Learn more about our high-quality interactive video brochures below.

Our Video Brochures & Service

Clean Design

Our products have the highest standards of design aesthetics.

Great Options

We provide you with the best options in every category of products.

Top Quality

All components are new and have passed stringent quality checks.

Excellent Service

We strive to maintain the most personalized customer services.

Global Presence

We have partner offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and New Zealand.

Super Customization

Video size, Sensors, Controls, Memory, Battery, Audio, Printing and many other multi-sensory options

Best Warranty

In the rare event of any manufacturing defect, we send you a quick replacement.

Inhouse design

Problems with Art work or Video formats? No worries, we will help you .

Our Quality Features

Bring Print to Life, Power Your Brand and Experience More™!

Our trademark slogans say it all. Success depends on more than just a great product or service. Your branding is your core. It is your first impression to your clients and customers. It’s going to be what people associate with your business. Why skimp on that? We will work with you to help you build trust and loyalty with your customers. Down to every last pixel, we’ll make it come alive. Through our expertise and the best design principles, we will take all of the science and research and transform it into an awesome, multi-dimensional experience. We are proud of our after sales service which ensures that in the rare case of any product defects we swiftly get into action to replace units to avoid any downtime.

30% brighter LCD screens than the industry standard.

Our products can charge even when covers are open.

3M self adhesive tapes for durability.

Intelligent sensors for page turns, proximity and more.

Simple and easy to understand functionality.

Efficient battery charging circuitry

Batteries can be recharged 500 + times.

Sturdy construction for greater durability

Longer standby time in idle mode.

Attention to detail in our all our quality processes.


We provide our customers with products that are durable and lasting and to that end Video Plus Print products are available with CE, IC, FCC and RoHS certifications.
Warranty:- Our official Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standard is 4% Minor and 2.5% Major. Our track record has been 2-4% Minor and 1% Major