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Video Book - a perfect story telling campaign

Video books are a perfect way to deliver your presentations of promotional products and services to your special customers in an interactive story telling format. LCD video books come in various sizes, screen resolutions and internal memory options, depending on your preference and requirement.

The feature of controlling video playback, with a flip of a printed page is unique to this product range. This innovative marketing tool not only grabs the attention of your clients, but also keeps them engaged with interactive elements such as touch screens and built-in speakers.

It never fails to impress clients. In fact, video books have been proven to increase client engagement and retention rates compared to traditional printed materials.

Ideal for high end realty projects, new auto model launches, special edition product showcasing and the like. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your brand and showcase your products or services in a unique, memorable way.

Video books are made up of a built in LCD screen, memory storage chipset, rechargeable battery, control buttons, USB port and one or more sensors that plays the relevant video content applicable to the page you are viewing. 


Investments / VBK70A4-PN-LH

7 inch LCD


Pest Control / VBK70WQ-C-LS-T01

7 inch LCD


Television / VBK43WQ-C-LS-T01

4.3 inch LCD

Canadian-Tire Video Book

Retail / VBK43WQ-C-LS

4.3 inch LCD

Saudi Commissioner

Govt.Tourism /VBK43MG-PC-RS

4.3 inch LCD

Sea Flows

Boat Industry /VBK70A4-PN-RH-T01

4.3 inch LCD


Technology /VBK50OB-LC-LS

5 inch LCD


Media / VBK50WQ-C-LS

5 inch LCD

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Video Book

The Video in print product offers a unique and engaging way for companies to showcase their products, services, and brand to potential customers. Much like IBM’s successful implementation, any organization could leverage the interactive and multimedia capabilities of the Video Book to create a compelling marketing tool. By combining high-quality video, informative text, and tactile design, the Video Book provides a memorable and impactful experience that sets it apart from traditional brochures or digital presentations. Regardless of industry, the Video Book’s ability to capture attention and communicate key messages makes it an invaluable asset for sharing a company’s story and differentiating it from the competition. With the flexibility to customize content and branding, the Video Book can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any business, allowing them to forge stronger connections with their target audience and drive meaningful results, just as it did for IBM.

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