Mazda Video Brochure

Main features:

Bright LCD Screens with clear audio.

Control buttons play, pause, next, etc .

Many multi-sensory options available.

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Mazda Video Brochure

Case Study

The Client:
Mazda Mexico

The Company:
Our friends Mazda are a world-class Japanese manufacturer of automobiles. Their MX5 Miata cars are a well-known and preferred choice for sports car enthusiast across the globe.

The Challenge:
In 2015 Mazda announced the launch of their new MX-5 Miata 2016 model in July 2015, which resulted in a high anticipation for them to hit the markets with a bang. When launching their fourth generation of the MX-5, their marketing campaigner needed to remind their audience of their high-value, great looks and total realiability. To capitalise on it’s worldwide popularity, and ensure that the launch campaign exceeded all expectations, Mazda decided to go for a unique video marketing campaign.

The Solution:
Mazda Motor Corporation partnered up with us and together we decided that there would be no better way to promote their cutting-edge design than by using our futuristic video print technology on a classic one-fold brochure. The customized video mailer features striking visuals of the model on external covers. Once opened the auto-play video embedded in a large 7” LCD screen allows viewers to virtually experience their dream ride. The popular Calvin Harris soundtrack “Feel so close” adds to building an instant bond with the car triggering the desire and will to buy. The additional video episode provide reinforcement to the strong technolgical traditions followed to create this magnificiant zoom-zoom machine.

The Success:
Mazda Miata MX5 launch was a big success in Mexico and sales figures for the next few months were up by 150 – 250% beating sales figures for the last 8 years. The video brochure distribution was handled via direct mail to key customers and corporate accounts as well as a large portion of video brochures were personally handed out at strategic upmarket locations in key cities.

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