Simponi Video Brochure

Main features:

Bright LCD Screens with clear audio.

Control buttons play, pause, next, etc .

Many multi-sensory options available.

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Simponi Video Brochure

Case Study

The Client:

The Company:

Simponi, one of our well versed clients are a provider of a range of self medicating treatments that target moderate to severe arthritis in adults. They are the sole producers and suppliers of the drug ‘Golimumab’ which is considered as the best treatment for a range of arthritis conditions.

The Challenge:
They assigned us the duty of constructing an introductory kit, one that would serve the purpose of acting as a home guide while also introducing their new ‘BioAdvance’ technology. This kit would be required to inform patients about their treatments in detail, while also providing a step-by-step demonstration to self administration of the drug. The objective was to produce a dependable digital handbook through which one could get to know their Simponi treatments better.

The Solution:
Keeping in mind the importance of this products need to being easily understood by Simponi’s patients, we decided to go with our simple yet practical video brochure. The unique feature of this brochure is that it opens up from the middle to a 4.2” LCD screen mounted in the centre. This is what enables Simponi to deliver an actual demonstration of using the medication without all those words! In addition control buttons allow patients to increase/ decrease the volume and stop the video to read supporting written information at their convenience . VideoPlusPrints engaging video brochures can make the most intricate of processes seem like a breeze.

The Success:
Having seen the effectiveness of our products, Simponi has always come back with more challenges and we have gladly delivered.

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