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Main features:

Bright LCD Screens with clear audio.

Control buttons play, pause, next, etc .

Many multi-sensory options available.

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Costar Video Brochure

Case Study

The Client:
CoStar / USA (NEW: Check out their 2017 campaign. Click here)

The Company:
Recently acquired by CoStar, is a U.S. based company that acts as an online platform through which people can scope out their ideal houses from a large range of properties.

The Challenge:
The game-changing shift in ownership called for a collaboration to develop a promotion strategy that would bring to people’s attention the improvement in service quality and information. Our aim was to craft an attention-grabbing marketing tool that would maximize’s potential clientele.

The Solution:
To get this revived brand at the top of its game, our team decided to deliver a marketing campaign like no other, one that is a class apart. We achieved this using our sleek and stylish, single-fold video mailer. With the turn of its hardbound cover, one’s attention is instantly captured by’s improved services and future plans via a series of videos playing on a 7” LCD screen. Each of these videos is controlled by buttons that allow users to view whichever they please. Overall, the digital content is managed through a set of volume and play/pause buttons. What’s more is that like our other products, this too is rechargeable, thus allowing for durability and portability.

The Success:
The success of the Video Brochure for was beyond expectations and ranged upto a 3 digit growth in traffic to the website, with hundreds of deals closed and hundreds more in final negotiations.

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