Novo Nordisk Business Card

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Novo Nordisk Business Card

Case Study

The Client:
Novo Nordisk

The Company:
Novo Nordsik is a Danish global Pharmaceutical company with experience of over 90 years in the field. They are considered to be leaders of Diabetes care and are devoted to finding cures for chronic illnesses such as hemophilia, growth disorders and obesity.

The Challenge:
Seeing as this company manufactures pharmaceuticals it is important for them to keep track on its effectiveness and success. However, another important aspect is to ensure that no discomfort or inconveniences arise from the use of their medication. For this purpose they came to us with the proposal of making them a digital leaflet that would inform those who use their treatments on how to register any side effects they experience. Our aim was to create a kit that would show to consumers how this company ensures their customer care and safety.

The Solution:
We decided that for this project we were going to feature written information as well as an instructional video all while making our digital leaflet small and compact. Keeping all this in mind we decided to go with our one-fold Video Business card. This would allow us to include written information such as all the valid detail required while reporting side effects on one side of the flap as well as the instructions on a more detailed video that can be viewed on a 2.3”LCD screen. Through this business card people would be able to get all relevant knowledge while learning how the company will then handle all of these claims and then take action thus ensuring their safety.

The Success:
A great Success with high return on investments.

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