ITT Video Brochure

Main features:

Bright LCD Screens with clear audio.

Control buttons play, pause, next, etc .

Many multi-sensory options available.

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ITT Video Brochure

Case Study

The Client:

The Company:
ITT is a technical institute with its roots spread across America. Being a lot more specialized, they focus on several subject areas, ranging from IT and Business to Criminal Justice and Health Sciences

The Challenge:
For this new academic year, they tasked us with creating an engaging prospectus that would attract a talented and motivated pool of students. Our goal was to create a quality, engaging and informative product that would help students ‘Discover the possibilities’ of ITT Tech.

The Solution:
Seeing as our clients were a technical institute, it would be only fitting that they ditch the old-school prospectus and allow us to create one that is in tune with the tech-savvy students and aligns well with their image. Therefore, we decided to go with our bold and classic one-fold video brochure. Upon opening the user is greeted by an auto-playing 7” LCD screen. Through the video, the potential applicants can gain access to detailed facts, program information and personal opinions of alumni, professors and employees – all in one place. With the help of VideoPlusPrint use futuristic technology to promote “Education of the future”.

The Success:
The ITT Video Brochure was sent to a very niche audience as the courses were for very specialized career options and enrollment demand to these showed a healthy 15-20% growth. The most important aspect was the video brochures had a great share value among peer groups that lead to a higher brand recognition and awareness of the different types of courses offered by ITT.

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